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I almost light my mouse on fire because I like those kind of posts so fast. I just get bothered when I see these women making journals about this because They either already are my friends or potentially could be and I don't like my friends here feeling harassed or unsafe.. I have a suggestion. How about we give these " love seekers " their own forum where they can openly " flirt " with each other and leave everyone else alone. It won't likely solve the issue but it could limit it. Well I think you're saying this so all the handsome gentlemen stop flirting with the fine ladies of the site; so that you will have less competition for a certain ladies affection.

But I see through your clever ploy and Betty is going to go to the spring dance with me! I just come here to have a laugh and talk complete nonsense. In fact it's probably what I do away from here too!!! Creepy harassment tends to be a norm at every corner of the Internet and that's upsetting.

Luckily, there are places like here that take harassment very seriously. I'm very lucky and happy that mistreatment of community members is not overlooked. Admittedly, the majority of "creepers" know that they are being creepy and their lack of empathy and respect make them a very unwelcome presence. I will say that there are also others who don't realize how they come across to women. Those cases are rare but it does happen. In those situations, my first response would be to educate that person, show them why their interaction may not be appropriate or teach them a different way to express their thoughts.

I have met a few young men who just simply didn't know how they sounded. That's when momma hen steps in! And I try to help young women express more empathy as well. I'm referring to the situation above.

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Some women have been harassed so badly that they see every interaction with a man as a negative one. Not all men are bad. I will also say that no one should have to put up with or accept mistreatment via death threats, rape threats, threats of violence against them or their loved ones of any interaction that indicates they are less of a human being. Both men and women should be treated with a common level of respect.

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Even if you don't see eye to eye on everything, it is entirely possible to have civil and meaningful conversation with each other. I have no problems with someone telling me I'm pretty. But delivery is so important these days.

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I can not believe I called you Jackie I don't understand why that came to mind. I always have this place in mind. Especially when I see people in such distress. People should honestly be glad I don't call them out by name at this point because I can but believe they can learn what this place really is.

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I also believe that takes some harsh words from time to time and I love the fact that so many people here have dealt with this and know how to deal with it. We can't lie that there are some women here that just log on once in a while to post a hot selfie. I do the same but the difference is I also interact with the people here that make it a great place to begin with. I hold things to my own standard and I guess the community get's to decide how they feel about that.

You are very pretty, Jackie, but you are first and foremost an amazing person here. You have been an awesome friend! I think this issue is worth bringing attention to and explicitly making people aware of, whether you're a man or a woman. Sometimes and I am SO not saying this is right men who do this kind of thing don't respect a woman's opinion or think she's being too sensitive. For that kind of person, it's valuable to see that men feel this way as well and it is in no way a thought pattern exclusive to women or to women who feel they are treated inappropriately.

The more widespread the idea that this is not the right way to do things, the less acceptable it becomes generally.

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I don't think you're trying to put words in our mouths here; I think you're expressing something worthwhile for anyone to read and anyone to express. Just my opinions, of course. My thoughts on this should be considered by any sex on any end of the spectrum. I appreciate the great comment! Not that I really expected anything less from you. Awareness is my ultimate goal and I piss a lot of people off with that goal. I can't do much other than this ya know?

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I've gotten waaay too many creepy messages just for updating my primary photo like You are in good company for the woman of the year award. I am SO thirsty for you right now dude! Yeah I worry if people leave the site because of stuff like this, especially if they're timid. I once went to a place that had 2 boxed with peoples names and ages divided up by genders.

I put my name in the male box took a name out of the female box. I would chose someone from the female box who was around my age, showed it to the person at the desk and they set us up for a date. I was with that person for a year and 8 months. If people need a date go to that place. That seems really odd, but at the same time I am pretty introverted and something like that has it's appeal to me.

Basically they built a system for anti-social people to meet other anti-social people. And mainstreamed it for anyone who wants to find a partner. I've dodged most of it by not being the type of take pictures of myself but I did get one dude on my last account who asked me which Achievement Hunter I wanted to see naked.

Pretty sure it was some weird test to see what kind of guy I was into. Told him it was creepy and I wasn't interested in mentally undressing the people I watch. He told me he wanted to see Ray naked. IDK, maybe the man just wanted to share his Ray-lust with someone and chose me. I'm good at cutting it off quick, I've seen situations where guys are just using a line like that to get their foot in the door and escalate it to "hows about seeing me naked then?

I'm good, not particularly interested in seeing any dudes naked. I'll leave that for the Raymantic people out there.

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  • That does not seem so bad to me, but it could be because you put your boundaries up quickly. I could easily see that escalating.

    watch And are you honestly telling me you don't want to see Ray naked? For those who are seeking looking for some you know what then go to actual dating sites or adult friend finder or something. We actually have never been to RTX But we plan to go eventually or a local shindig. We met on RT, became best friends because of the roleplaying community and also our private conversations on Skype. While I totally agree that RT isn't meant to be a dating site, if it wasn't for this place, we wouldn't have met and eventually gotten married. Which is why I mentioned the success in dating I have seen here was formed out of a friendship rather than the usual dating site creepiness.

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