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Plus, they were probably in a 5-stack which kinda screws things up for the matchmaker. It's definitely annoying, but they have to get matched against someone. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Matchmaking 101: How To Set Your Friends Up Successfully

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Make sure you’re playing cupid for the right reasons

Matchmaking so bad it's impressive! I thought this was obvious. No more party of 5s? After all, 2 ppl on team 1 only played 1 game as the champs they chose for survival. March 03, in Dating March 01, in Dating February 28, in Dating Dating Challenges. February 27, in Dating February 25, in Dating January 16, in Dating No Comments.

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I just want to share a few ideas that hit me during this time of year. I too was single for MANY years finally married at age 39 and this time of year brings back many moments of dread.

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Does blind dating scare you? December 11, in Dating No Comments.

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Is blind dating a thing of the past? It is easy to look through profiles daily, and struggle to figure out who to reach out to, and who to meet…. I mean, sure it's balanced right?


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Its literally survival in the middle of the night. I bet that there was less than 20 people even queueing for it at 3am EST and how many of those are even capable players. The real issue was that there's a 5 man party of higher level players. If there were only these 10 people online, without parties you could have a decent match, but with 5 of them locked together, it's impossible. I'm not sure if there is a good solution for this.

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Either we accept matches like this, or we have queues that run for much, much longer to attempt to wait for more high-level players to come into the queue which means slowing down matchmaking for them as well since we'd need to prioritize coming up with a counter-party for a fair fight. The problem is especially bad when there are few players in the queue period, since it might not even have a choice of how to pair them up. The only "third option" I can think of is if they vastly improved their bots to the point where they could actually replace a player at a given skill level which also means making them not too good and not too robotic , and respond to basic communications intelligently e.

But if they do that people would go nuts and accuse all matches of being bot matches.

Matchmaking 101

The fact that elo is hardly affected for both parties at the end of each game indicates that matchmaking is working accordingly. No reason to complain when there's nobody else online. At least it would be over fast! Play now for 10 min stomping or everyone wait an hour for more ppl to queue for balanced match if everyone actually stays.

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101 matchmaking 101 matchmaking
101 matchmaking 101 matchmaking
101 matchmaking 101 matchmaking
101 matchmaking 101 matchmaking
101 matchmaking 101 matchmaking
101 matchmaking 101 matchmaking
101 matchmaking 101 matchmaking

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