Dating tag heuer watch

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Why are they using this material? People need to be able to identify the watch with themselves. It's based on emotion. March 7th, 3.

Dating tag heuer watch

The following is what they say about serial numbers. Any idea how this information can be made available would be appreciated. How do other manufacturers handle serial number validation? A Serial Number is unique to each timepiece. Serial Numbers are extremely important because they prove that you own an authentic TAG Heuer timepiece.

It is located on the back of your watch There are two numbers on the caseback of your watch. One number is directly below the other. The number below is your Serial Number e. In general, a TAG Heuer serial number is comprised of two letters and four numbers.

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However, there may be exceptions. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. March 7th, 4.

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Not sure about automatics though There are some good standard posts that discuss models at the top of the TAG Heuer forum page. Check through these, or post your watch, I'm sure more knowledgable people than I can age your watch. March 9th, 5. The "lugs" integrally cast on either side of the case include the following laser etched numbers: I am pretty sure there is a fancy term for the "lugs", but I think you understand what I am describing.

I just purchased the watch in January, It is my first, and only, TAG. I would be interested in knowing of these numbers carry any importance with regards to date of manufacture, model number etc.. Hopefully, I have not given out a special number that can be used by people who fake TAG's- that would be pretty disappointing.

Re: TAG Serial Numbers

March 20th, 6. See my posts above. It would be interesting to know if serial numbers are recorded at the factory and can be traced. TAG Heuer uses a slightly different system to some other Swiss watchmakers, so you will notice that there are two codes etched on your watch's back, one directly above the other.

TAG Serial Numbers

The bottom number is your timepiece's unique serial number, while the top is the model reference, which is identical for each watch of the model type. The two numbers on the back of your TAG Heuer watch have different purposes. Your serial number the lower code is a unique identifier for your watch only.

It allows TAG to pinpoint exactly when the timepiece was produced and where it was sold. The number usually comprises two or three letters followed by four numbers, although TAG's chronograph watches can have three letters and three numbers or six numbers instead. Unlike the digits in the serial code, which only has significance to TAG Heuer, your model reference code the top number can be deciphered to reveal details about the watch.

Tag Heuer Serial and Model Number Reference - Rolex Forums - Rolex Watch Forum

In , TAG switched to the reference system used today, so all watches manufactured since then will carry this type of code. Vintage pre watches varied in their serial number styles, so it's best to check with TAG Heuer directly to identify an older model.

This information is based on current TAG Heuer references. For the most up to date information, please refer to TAG Heuer. The final digit is more difficult to decipher as it refers to both the dial colour and type, of which there are many variants.

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Should your TAG Heuer watch not have a serial number, there's a possibility it might be a fake. Firstly, it's worth bearing in mind that some vintage TAGs didn't have a serial number. Secondly, some genuine TAG Heuer watches may have had their serial numbers buffed away for one reason or another, but this is getting rarer. If your watch is from recent years and doesn't have a serial number, there is a good chance that it's a replica.

TAG Heuer serial numbers: How to identify a real watch

There are also better-quality replicas out there that have a serial number engraved, sometimes even with some accompanying paperwork. It's worth taking the time to compare the serial and model number with the paperwork that comes with the watch, as they should match. You can use the information above to determine what your model reference means, and if you suspect it doesn't match the look of your watch, it may be a fake. You should also search your serial number on the internet, as many fake watches make use of one particular serial number.

You may find it listed on watch forums or websites that often flag up copycat serials that are known fakes. If you're still not certain whether your timepiece is real, you should get in touch with TAG Heuer, who may be able to verify it.

Where can I find my TAG Heuer watch's serial number?

You can also take your watch to a trusted jeweller who should be able to tell whether it is counterfeit or not. Now that you know how to use the serial and model number to verify the authenticity of your TAG timepiece, you may be interested in discovering its worth. We also have a wide variety of pre-owned TAG Heuer watches that you may be interested in if you wish to expand your collection.

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