Carbon dating petrified wood

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What kind of dating method is Carbon dating? What is the carbon method? How do you petrify wood? The carbon method of dating differs from the potassium-argon and the uranium-lead methods of dating by using what?

Understanding the Old Wood Effect

The carbon method is applicable only to organic materials. Why can't carbon dating be used to determine the age of petrified wood? The fossilization process that petrified the wood replaced all thecarbon with silicate minerals, leaving no carbon to measure.

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Why was carbon chosen for the dating method? Because it has an isotope C14 which lends itself to archaeologicalrather than geological timescales.

How Does Radiocarbon Dating Work? - Instant Egghead #28

If something is petrified, it means that the original minerals thatmade up the item say a piece of wood for example , have beenremoved and replaced by minerals. T … his basically leaves a mineral"mold" of the original item, the original piece of wood or bonewould long since had disintegrated and vanished. In most cases thistakes millions of years under the right conditions. As there is no carbon left in the petrified wood, it cannot becarbon dated.

Carbon dating can only be performed on old materials that stillhave some of the original carbon content in them. The maximum limit for reliable carbon dating is up to about 45,years. In TV Shows and Series. Cash and Treasures - Petrified Wood was released on: Choose a video to embed. Hard to believe, yes, but it is possible. That portion had been permineralized by infiltrating waters long after the basalt cooled and eventually cracked to allow groundwater inside.

Keep in mind that despite the high temperatures, the oxygen is consumed very rapidly as the edge of the wood is converted to ash once encased, no more oxygen enters the system , so the entire sample will not burn completely. Secondly, the high moisture content of the wood serves as something of a thermal barrier like a radiator in a hot engine and prevents at least part of the wood sample from 'cooking' beyond recognition.

The lava in contact with the wood and its moisture solidifies rapidly to form an additional thermal barrier. Check out this video for a more vivid example: Lava meets coke can: May I suggest that you read and study this paper given at a conference held at the National Research Council of Italy Feb, 23, and published under the editorship of the VP of this Italian government research agency. You are a geologist and therefore have access to museum storage areas in Moscow.

Petrified wood

So if in doubt of these discoveries I suggest that you gather up some bone fragments and C date the fragments at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow and see if you can reproduce our ages in the range of 22, to 40, years. If you test for C in trabicular bone [inner material] stay away from cracked area as all carvbon material will probably have been leached out as we learned the hard way. Run a carbon and collagen analysis first. If you date the outer cortical bone [very hard] then you can date total organic or just the CaCO3 of the bioapatite even if near cracks, If the Russians do not have AMS, as I've been lead to believe then you'll need much larger samples [ to grams] or send them to a German AMS lab.

What is the best method to date petrified wood carbon 14 or potassium 40 and why

Sincerely, Hugh Miller, Research chemist and one of the coauthors of both of the above papers. To "Date the Fossils Not the Rocks": Sorry, but I am not impressed with your paper. It presents a laundry list of previous radiocarbon dates with very little analysis. Worse, it rejects and ignores the analysis and explanations of the original authors, who are the experts on the samples. Do any of the authors of this paper have experience with radiocarbon AMS analysis?

If so, why don't they know what the initials AMS stand for?!? If not, what experience do they have in other ultra-sensitive analytical techniques? Yes, collagen is very stable, and separated collagen is a good material for dating. But this collagen can easily be contaminated with modern carbon after separation. Bone is a tricky material to date, and there are only a few experts in the world who can do it well. See Wood et al, Radiocarbon Which one is it?

However, this would also be consistent with a high background due to the chemical processing that was used, or due to the instrument background itself. Why should we believe that you are not simply measuring your system background? To ask it another way, what is the oldest bone date that has been obtained on the UGA AMS system using Cherkinsky's cleaning procedure? Miller, I took the time to read the material you cited, but I see no strong case being made.

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Even if I had this money, I would spend it on my own research first I actually need some AMS analyses, but lack the funding. Do you guys realize that you cannot carbon date something that doesn't have carbon in it, such as dinosaur bones or petrified wood. Yes, everyone realizes this. The petrified wood samples I referred to were not completely permineralized, however, so the residual charcoal presumably provided the bulk of the carbon for their analysis.

Nobody is claiming to have dated the permineralized silicate portion of the petrified wood. Regarding the dinosaur bones, while bone structure was completely replaced, Mr. Miller proposed that trace amounts of collagen the part that's routinely 14C-dated in vertebrate bones could be extracted and dated. In theory, collagen or at least the carbon deriving from it could be trapped in the mineral structure and preserved for a very long time.

Exploring the wonders of geology in response to young-Earth claims...

For these bones, however, there was no extractable collagen, which explains the scatter of the data. There was carbon in the dinosaur bones all dino bones will contain at least some carbon , but the source of the carbon was neither bone nor collagen.

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These dates reflected contaminants. Hello there, could you please explain a bit more for the common layman. For example, how do you know there was contamination? And lo and behold Hello there good sir, I have seen your response to Hugh Miller, and I would like to ask how you know that it was complete contamination of his samples that gave false errors. For a brief layman's description of radiocarbon contamination, see the article by Aardsma: For a brief layman's description of radiocarbon contamination, see the old article by Aardsma: Myths Regarding Radiocarbon Dating.

I really love your weblog, Its great to find not absolutely everyone is just posting a ton of rubbish these days! Quantum Binary Signals Get professional trading signals delivered to your mobile phone daily. Exploring the wonders of geology in response to young-Earth claims Please read my guidelines and background posts before proceeding! Wednesday, February 12, "45 thousand-year-old fossil wood encased in 45 million-year-old basalt": If the assertion holds, then radiometric dating methods to which Bill Nye appeals as evidence for an old Earth are potentially flawed.

Unfortunately, Bill Nye did not seem familiar with the claim, reported originally in , despite my prophetic counsel. In , several samples of charred and petrified wood were collected during construction of a mining ventilation shaft in central Queensland. The wood samples were seemingly well preserved inside the lava flow that encased them. Since the layers of basalt overlay early Cenozoic sediments, the expected age of the lava flow might be a few tens of millions of years.

Not convinced by conventional ages of this geologic column, however, local 'young-Earth' geologists paid to have the basalt dated by the K-Ar method and the wood fragments dated by the radiocarbon method. Their reasoning was simple and seemingly innocent: A full report of this study by Dr. The page publication is rather verbose, reading more like a drawn-out lab report than a scientific study, but it contains all the details necessary to assess the feasibility of Dr. Wait, if the fossil wood and basalt are both older than 6, years, doesn't Ken Ham undermine his own position by citing this study?

I've described at length how apologists at Answers in Genesis use the radiocarbon and Potassium-Argon K-Ar methods to argue for a young Earth. In short, they criticize the assumptions behind each dating method. For example, 'model' K-Ar ages assume that all argon was expelled from the sample before molten rock cooled, starting the radiometric clock. Sounds like a simple experiment easy thing to do and if any one can report on that being done and the results we would like to know.

Meanwhile another breakthrough in the formation of petrified wood. This report from the journal called Sedimentary Geology. A hot spring lake 30 meters wide occupies one of several craters of the Tateyama Volcano which is currently quiet except for spouting of hot water. This hot water is highly acidic and has high silica content. The hot spring overflows the lake as a 30 meter high waterfall. It was noticed that fallen wood from trees near the waterfall had become hard and impregnated with silica.

This was verified with electron microscopes. The observed woody tissues looked exactly like silicified wood from volcanic Miocene age sedimentary volcanic ash in the nearby Noto Peninsula. They concluded that the same process was taking place as in the Miocene. Being the astute scientists that they were they decided to set up an experiment by putting fresh alder wood from the area tethered with stainless steel wire and immersing them in the hot springs.

They then pulled them out once a year and examined them. They were analyzed to determine how much silification had taken place. Further analysis showed that tiny silica spheres had passed into the wood through the same vessels and structures that water normally passed up through to the trees leaves and branches. So if water can pass through wood why not hot water laden with silica and other minerals.

The surprising thing was it happend so quickly. Do you know that low grade coal material can be formed in weeks as well? Yamamoto, Rapid wood silicification in hot spring water: An explanation of siilicification of wood during the earth's history, Sedimentary Geology , vol. Where does oil come from and how is it formed? Dead organic marine organisms sink to the seafloor. Hydrogen sulfur, nitrogen, and oxygen can leave and then rejoin other chains of molecules.

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