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I feel like they couldn't get past their dislike for idols doing acting. Sooyoung was pretty good. She actually exceeded my expectation for her. Sooyoungs doing a pretty good job. Lee Jong Hyuk is a hot appa. And I thought Sooyoung acting was good? I was surprised when watched the 1st episode. She gave believable acting and exceeded my expectation actually The drama is good, sooyoung is not that bad but nothing special either IMO. Actually i never really care about who being the lead actress as long as i like the storyline and lead actor.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Netizens always putting actresses on a pedestal to hate on idols It's their loss because this drama is a lot of fun and Sooyoung's doing amazing in it. They have so much comedic chemistry but no romantic chemistry haha. Sooyoung is a decent actress but seeing as she's the lead And It's kind of true, what are singers doing in dramas besides Seo In Guk tbh..

It's just too much for me to take seeing Junsu Appa with another woman You ignore the rest because of your apparent dislike for one smh. Honestly Lee Jong Hyuk really isn't matching with her. And tbh I love him more, since gentleman's dignity. They always state their hate on these idols but rarely ever explain why exactly they HATE them. I can understand if you don't find interest in someone but it's another whole level to hate someone for no reason other than that: I think her acting was good.

It's not really noticeable well except when she use uniform, she's still fit as a high school student for me. And who do you think can do it better?

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  • Monday, April 15, 2013.

You're not watching the drama but you're commenting in the article related to the drama The drama needs a female lead who can act not who can sit there and look pretty only It's actually in a cable channel which is tvN, the 1st episode is 0. I think it's called jealousy. They said a lot of things that no matter how they worked hard or even they're still a graduate of Seoul National University, they would never earn as much as Idol do.

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  7. I think they criticize Idols because let's be honest, some are not so talented but still earn a lot He is not the typical good looking ajusshi but he is certainly charming. Im anything but an sone yet I think that Sooyoung actually fits the role and does better and better at each episode! Her hairstyle sucks though: I also think she's acting pretty decently, much better than many "professional" actresses. I liked her acting in "The 3rd hospital" too.

    Tainted glasses as usual. Sooyoung's doing a good job and I'm loving this drama. Great chemistry between the cast and absolutely adore Ahrang and Minyoung's sibling-like relationship.

    I hope they make one. BTW, there's no need to always have a kissing scene in a drama to work out though but as for that we need to brace ourselves for change. Acting is Sooyoungie passion though, so it's kinda a lousy response that you don't want to be in a drama just because of kissing scenes.

    Did she think she was that big of a top star?


    I think her agency is handling this just fine. Thursday, August 30, Hyuna cancels event appearance in light of dating scandal. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home. Popular Tags Blog Archives. Lisa is the 1 most followed female K-Pop star on Instagram.

    Park Seo Joon reps deny dating rumors with Park Min Young ~ Netizen Buzz

    Netizens concerned with Kimura Takuya's sudden aging. Is this really Kimura Takuya? Star News via Nate 1. Rose looks like a human Barbie doll in her floral dress. Newsen via Nate 1. Interest surges for JYP's upcoming girl group.

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