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Shock! marriage theory has emerged for Nakayama Yuma!

My eyes are wide Weak point: My pinky finger is short Hobbies: I agree with Yuma that a nosy girl is no good. Well, I guess some men might like a girl who gets jealous easily. It would make them feel more wanted. But yeah, I wouldn't want there to be trust issues in a relationship. Yuma childhood picture looks so cute!


I've heard of those xD i guess it raises their confidence to see that their partners get jealous o. Reply Parent Thread Link. Thank you for translating NYC's love question! Their photos are so adorable! Thank you for translating and sharing, the pictures are really cute. For a while I never really thought much of Yuma but he really is quite a guy. I like the way he thinks.

I was debating ordering this but I think you have me sold. D For a while I never really thought much of Yuma but he really is quite a guy. I really wish I could buy the photobook too x3 No money though: Seriously, what you do by translating and sharing the love and encouraging everyone in their fandom is priceless and makes the comm what it is.

The comms are fantastic for broke people XD and even though I don't have as much money as I'd like to spend, right now I have a decent job and I can afford one or two things every few months so I really want to buy because there are too many times I can't the story of everyone in the comms, I think? But I think for every sweet person who shares or translates like you do, if it can move just one more person to become a fan or a stronger fan and do what they can to support the guys, that is really what it's about.

I wonder if nowadays he keeps in touch with her? I'd hate it if my boyfriend looked through my stuff x. She's pretty lucky x. I hope he knows he won't be that tall xD and that's a lot of weight gain for him too xD. I found this http: XD so yuma's hobby is seeing yama n chii flirting each other? I really felt stuck with this one xD. Japanese indeed has so many terms like this. Arigachuu gozaimashitaaa to otsu kare NYC dansu-bounce! He looked so different when he was small! Yamada and Chinen haven't changed The type of drink that you drink a lot?

How many cell phone straps do you have? Color of you cell phone? Friends from my hometown. Phone calls and text messages, which one do you use more? Something that you must have in your bag? Yellow, because when sunlight shines through the room becomes a yellow-orange color. I really like it. The head of the construction site.

NYC "COLORS" Photobook-Nakayama Yuma Love Questions Translation - Hey!Say!JUMP Translations♫

Most admired senpai is? Senpai you get along best with?

Kouhai you get along best with? What type of scent do you like? Scents like soap, shampoo, etc. Living freely after returning home. Did you cry recently? What was the reason? Ah, I knocked my nose and tears came out. You room currently, has it been tidied or not? The type of girl you like? Those without quality character, things like in the way they talk, they way they eat and the way they sit. The hairstyle you like on girls? Long, straight black hair. Do you think girls should wear something revealing or not? Should reveal a bit sometimes. Where do you first look when seeing someone of opposite gender?

When confessing, do prefer to confess yourself, or being confessed to? How would you like your girlfriend to address you? Friends and lovers, which one is more prior? Both equally important, [your friends and I, which one is more important? Flightily-type and natural-type girls, which one do you prefer? Even though sometimes I think natural type girls are cute, occasionally getting tempered. But flightily-type is better.

What is the ideal route for a date? Going to the aquarium and then ride the Ferris-wheel.

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  • Shock! marriage theory has emerged for Nakayama Yuma!!
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Best circumstance to confess is? After taking her home. If you go to the theme park with your girlfriend, what ride would you go on? Any ride is OK. How do you go through a day of holiday? Lying down horizontally with this sort of feeling. If you wake up early, what time would it be? The longest record of sleeping hours is? The color of your bed sheet is?

Wonderful Cupid / NYC Glass No Maho / Nakayama Yuma

What do you wear when you sleep? Do you need an alarm? My cell phone is. It needs to ring 5 times for me to wake up. What do you do if you are unable to sleep?

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The first thing you do after waking up in the morning? During elementary school, I finished doing everything in 3 minutes after waking up, and I go to school. The type of breakfast that makes you feel excited in the morning? Long distance jog or short distance sprint, which are you better at? If tomorrow is the end of the world, how would you like to go through it?

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